This month at Limitless Performance and Therapy we want to get real with you and focus on something that we may not talk enough about – your mental health. Now, this is a really broad topic, but specifically we want to focus on your self-talk. Self-talk is your inner dialogue. Sometimes it narrates your day or files through your to-do list, sometimes it gives you a pep talk, and other times it’s a hurtful and negative slew of phrases on repeat. Our goal this month (in short) is to help you recognize your negative self-talk and actively change it to positive self-talk.

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The Rules:

  • Create a positive self-talk post about yourself – (this is purposefully vague) you can post a photo, a quote, a video, whatever strikes you. The only requirement is that you say something positive and heartfelt about yourself in the caption/photo/video.
  • Tag @limitlessNJ
  • And tag a friend
  • You may post as many times as you’d like but it does not increase your odds of winning. Only one entry per person.
  • A single winner will be drawn at random from the entries that meet the above criteria on Tuesday, February 5th.


The Prize: (this is freakin SWEEEET!)

A free month of membership at CrossFit Cedar Grove


$250 donated in your name to the charity of your choice